About us

Optica Optofarm was established in 1991 as a family enterprise and due to the growing turnover in 1993 it turned into a limited liability company or LTD.
Since then the company and its personnel kept growing constantly.
Nowadays, the company operates a chain of seven shops and employes more than fifty skilled worker, out of which twelwe are Ophthalmologist Medical Doctors.
Keeping in pace with the latest developments from the field of Ophtalmology and Optics the equipment of the company grew in numbers year after year,being able to apply third millenium tehnology.
Optica Optofarms greatest achievment so far is the set up of the countys first private Ambulatory Ophtalmic Surgery Clinic in 2003, at the companies 10th anniversary.
Nation-wide the clinic is one of the best equiped with ultrasound surgery-kit supplied by prestigious American and German companies such as Alcon and Zeiss.
Through the experience and achievements gained so far Optica Optofarm plannes to remain constantly on top.


Number 1 in Romanian Business Top, Mures county, category: Health and
social care.
Number 1 in Romanian Profit Top, Mures county, category: Health and
social care.

About Us