Our spectacles lenses offer:

- monofocal lenses
- bifocal lenses
- they are compound from lenses with different diopter in order to form one spectacles destined to nearsightedness and farsightedness.
- progressive multifocal lenses:
- countenance to bifocal lenses, multifocal lenses have the advantage to enclose more focal points supplying the intermediate zone an enlarged visual optic field
- filtering lenses (with filters):
- are recommended to persons that work with computers , it assures a special protection through filtering damaging light-fascicles
- heliomatic lenses (tend to darken colors at sunlight):
- are recommended to persons sensitive to sunlight
These lenses can be manufactured from glass or plastic materials, pellucid or colored, endowed with mantles as:
- anti-reflex layer
- toughness layer
- water-tight layer (impermeable or repellent layer)
- UV rays filtration layer
Our company continuously updates the lens stock in order to assure our clients a prompt service.

Spectacle lenses

In our stores, you can find imported lenses from famous companies like Zeiss, Rodenstock, Hoya, Essilor but also lenses of vernacular production at a lower price but of a good quality.
With such a stock, our clients are promptly served, in some cases if the lenses are not in, we are able to provide them in a short notice.