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Job purpose:

  • maintaining contact with patients, preliminary and primary investigations and last but not least prescription of corrective lenses, correction
  • carrying out commercial activities, promoting the firm's products, supply and communication with customers
  • ensuring that prescriptions for optical corrections are carried out to the highest standards, based on the prescription and the doctor's recommendations, and repairing glasses

Main activities:

  • Ensuring the application of specialist medical prescriptions
  • Drawing up and correlating medical statements and reports

Job specifications

Level of education: secondary medical and technical education

Training: specialization

Experience: minimum 3 years in the field; 1 year on the job

Required knowledge: as required by the law

About us

Our company Optica Optofarm has been for your service for 30 years now.
We have 7 units in the county. Our well-trained medical team can perform cataract surgery, vision correction and another smaller surgeries as well.

We also can offer fashionable eyeglasses, frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, care products, and accessories.