Eyeglass lenses

In our stores you can find the imported lenses of renowned companies such as Zeiss, Rodenstock, Hoya, Essilor, but also high quality, domestic production lenses. With a rich stock of lenses, our customers are served promptly; In the case of lenses that are not in stock, we provide them in a relatively short time – from one day to the next.

Our range of eyeglass lenses includes:

  • monofocal, bifocal or progressive lenses
  • lenses with antireflection treatment, hardness layer, antistatic, impermeability layer, UV filtering layer
  • lenses with special filter for computer
  • Heliomatic lens
  • thinner lenses (with high refractive index)


Hoya lens

It is no coincidence that myopia is also referred to as a silent epidemic: currently, this refractive error affects one-third of people in Central Europe. It's even more frightening that by 2050 the incidence of myopia will increase, reaching half of the people. Fortunately for us, treatment is possible thanks to innovative solutions.

Find out what myopia means, what are its root causes, and what activities can reduce the chance of it developing by reading the blog article below. In addition, you can read in detail why you should choose MiYOSMART's innovative solution to improve and protect your child's vision. MiYOSMART by Hoya. Track them down in our Optica Optofarm stores!


About us

Our company Optica Optofarm has been for your service for 30 years now.
We have 7 units in the county. Our well-trained medical team can perform cataract surgery, vision correction and another smaller surgeries as well.

We also can offer fashionable eyeglasses, frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, care products, and accessories.