Dr. Székely Attila

Basic professions: psychologist, psychopedagogue, philosopher, linguist

Functions: scientific researcher, (1st degree, level: univ. teacher), specialist writer, publicist, editor-in-chief, project manager, editorial president

Research fields: psychology of consciousness, personality and cognitive psychology, behavioural science, the structure theory and the cognitive-logical view of the infinite, cognitive science, logical philosophy, docimology, history of psychology

Pen name: S. Székely; Simon-Székely

Vocational training:

  • Psychology and psychopedagogy, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj
  • Ecumenical Bible Studies, Willington, Derby, Great Britain
  • Philosophy and epistemology, University of Bucharest
  • Specialty translator and linguist, English language, University of Bucharest

Scientific degree:

  • PhD in psychology, University of Pécs, Doctoral School, Pécs, Hungary

Postgraduate specializations in the profession:

  • Specialized school inspector and pedagogical counselling, Pedagogical Institute of the Capital, Budapest
  • Scientific research with the scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) at the Institute of Psychological Research of the Academy
  • Consciousness researches with the scholarship of the Ministry of Education of Hungary at the Institute of Psychological Research of the Academy
  • European Studies – special courses – Ady Academy, Debrecen
  • Specialization in pedagogy – Ady Academy, Debrecen
  • Postgraduate specialist research at the invitation of the president of the Hungarian Academy univ. professor Szilveszter E. Vizi at the Istitute of Experimental Medicine (KOKI) and at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Budapest
  • Postgraduate specialization program at the Institute of Psychological Research of the Academy, Budapest

Professional experience


  • Optica-Optofarm & Optolens Clinics – working as a medical and clinical psychologist, main researcher, Psychological Laboratory


  • Bethlen Foundation, psychologist and deputy head of foreign affairs in Hungary;
  • Chief Editor, project manager, and chief of the editorial board of the “Encyclopedia of the Soul”, an international encyclopedia – for 10 years at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Domus programme beeing the leader of the international project the “Encyclopedia of the Soul”, I coordonated the work of 160 researchers, university teachers, chiefs of cults, members of the academy
  • School for Inclusive Education no. 1 Targu Mures, teacher as a special pedagogue
  • University lecturer at the Kaposvar University, Hungary
  • Lecturer at the University of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Targu Mures
  • Lecturer at the University of Sapientia, Targu Mures
  • PhD student at the University of Pécs, doctoral school, Pécs, Hungary
  • Medical and clinical psychologist (therapist) at the University Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Semmelweis, Budapest
  • Scientific researcher in psychology, project manager at the Institute of Psychological Research of the Academy
  • As a scholar I was the leading manager of some more scienfific projects at the following institutes: The Institute of Medical Researches (KOKI), Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy, Institute of Pedagogy of the Capital, Institute for Educational Researches, Department of Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Institute of Behavioural Sciences of the Semmelweis University, Psychological Laboratory of the Special Psychopedagogy University „Bárczi Gusztáv”, Budapest.

Lecturer of foreign languages:

  • English and German languages. Scientific and Cultural University in Targu Mures


  • 20 printed scientific books and 13 E-books,
  • 31 treatises, articles, conference presentations and practical scientific works

Main results:

  • A theory of structures in the logic of the infinite, a multidimensional psychological test (inventory), a biopsychological model of consciousness, a theory of consciousness and development of a new branch of science: the biopsychology of consciousness, docimological methods of examination and selection
  • 25 scientific research grants, from which in 22 as project manager
  • Participation at many international scientific conferences as lecturer

Member of:

  • The public body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Psychological Association, Hungarian Association of Philosophy, Filozofia Asocio Tutmonda (Brazil), Reseau International de Traduction (France).

Language skills:

  • Hungarian (native), Romanian (fluent) C1, English (fluent) C1, German (intermediate) B1, French (intermediate) B1, Italian (basic) A1, Esperanto (intermediate) B1, and 7 more languages at basic level (A1).


  • Since 2000 my scientific activity regularly appears in international and local professional databases and biographical encyclopedias, for ex.: Philosophy Documentation Center, American Philosophical Society, Smithsonian Institution, USA; Who’s who in Transilvania, Scientists in Mures County etc.

Major publications:

  • The books were published mostly in Hungarian and Romanian languages.
  • Foundations of the Biopsychology of Consciousness (Published in Hungarian = H)
  • The Psychological and Philosophical Aspects of Consciousness H
  • System of Consciousness in the Biopsychology of Consciousness H
  • The multidisciplinary science of behavior H
  • The Model of FK (3 volumes) H
  • Awareness (Published in Romanian = R)
  • Death as a Problem of Psychology R
  • The biopsychology of consciousness R
  • The Final Stage of Life in Health Psychology R
  • Conception about Life, Anxiety, Fear of Death H
  • The Soul in Myths and Religions H
  • Short Behavioral Science for Physicians H
  • Image logic H
  • Motion and structure H
  • The structure of the existence H
  • A Biopsychological Model of Consciousness (Published in English = E)
  • The Infinite Consciousness H
  • The Encyclopedia of the Soul. First Vol. The Image of the Soul in the Religions of the World. H
  • The Encyclopedia of the Soul. Second Vol. Philosophy, Science, Para Science. H
  • The Encyclopedia of the Soul. Third Vol. The Soul in Mithology. H

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